20150613-001 - Intro Iris Hello dear readers and listeners,

My name is Iris and I am pleased to say I work with these great people that founded CeltCast. My first encounter with Arjan was early 2013, right then and there I new we would be friends for a long time. He roughly has the same mindset as I do and we can agree on most things in life. Later that year he asked me if I knew about Castlefest and invited me and my partner to get to know Castlefest. So we went for 1 day, and I immediately got infected with the ‘virus’. I loved the music, the people, the vibe and there was so much to see! The following year we went all 4 days! I was so happy and relaxed and in tune with nature. And that is where we met Alex and his wonderful family.

Well I could type my whole life story but that does not explain why I’m here, Arjan and Alex noticed some bands had to sell their own merchandise. So they had a wonderful idea, they needed someone to sell their merchandise, and Arjan and Alex have an extra friend who could do that. 🙂 So here I am, bands can ‘borrow’ me to sell their merchandise.