Kees (intro) A long time ago, when what we call “myth” today was simply known as “fact”, the world was full of wonderful creatures, plants and other beings. Unicorns roamed the earth and giant trees were interconnected with all other life.
Among all this amazing life there was one type of mushroom that was really special. It’s shape changed with its surroundings, blending in with every creature it interacted with, recognisable only if you knew what to look for. In every form it took it always maintained its black top. But that wasn’t even its most special feature.

What made this mushroom stand out from all other creatures was that it captured images of joy, and spread them around so that everyone and everything could enjoy it. It fed on the abundant sounds of nature and it would spread its spores only once every few millennia, making sure that it wouldn’t crowd the earth.

Fast forward to today.
All mythical creatures have disappeared and the natural world has decreased to a minimum. Because of this, our black-top magic mushroom was long thought to have vanished as well. But one tiny spore has found just enough nature to survive. Its food source brought down to a bare minimum it had to adapt to survive. Then something really magical happened. It found music, made by people, but inspired by nature. And it learned to feed off of that! So it planted itself firmly in the Folk scene and from there it grew to be as tall as humans. It still knows how to hide itself by looking like the people around it, but if you know what you are looking for, and you follow the trail of amazing images, you can still recognise its black top!

All of this is of course completely made up, but let’s face it, how much introduction does he really need? Almost everyone in the Dutch and German Folk scene has at least heard of Kees Stravers, Photographer of the stars, and now also Photographer of CeltCast! With the iconic black hat, grey beard and big smile he’s a familiar face in the community and he is now an integral part of the CeltCast family!