20150602-001 - Intro Lena (750p) Hey I’m Lena!

I am now a proud member of CeltCast. (6/2015)

Music is what my heart is beating for. To quote John Miles with his just perfect words: “Music was my first love and it will be my last”

As a Miroque seller my home since 2011 has been the medieval markets and festivals of mainly Germany, but also the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria.

Through this work I got to know a lot of artists and people who are in love with the sounds and noises that music can be like. I do listen to their stories carefully, their personal way to listen to, and feel, music. I see myself not only as a saleswoman but as a consultant, helping people to find the right music for them and spread ideas and new music to them.

During this work I got to know CeltCast in 2014, especially Arjan & Alex.

There is one thing about music, and even more for the medieval/folk music: when you meet someone for the first time, you will feel like you have known the other person for years and years already, since you are one of a kind. “Music puts us all together” (quote by Steve Sic)

And that was what made the contact to CeltCast special: Thinking alike, loving music and trying to help artists find their audience and stage. The CeltCast team is always full of ideas and therefore very open to people like me who just share the same spirit.

I’m the first German in the CeltCast crew and my main goal will always be to be where the good music is and to be the bridge between listener and artist. To pass you reports and interviews of festivals and news that comes to my ear.

Music, and its spirit, does a lot for everyone, it gets people together and is there for you in any situation. I will do my best to help CeltCast.

See you somewhere at festivals, fairs or where good music waits for us 😉